Friday, 17 May 2013

About vitamins

Vitamins are chemical compounds that are indispensable for the body. They play a role in the growth, repair and proper functioning of the body. Also, they are important for good health. Vitamins occur naturally in our diet. The body does not make them or insufficient itself.
Thirteen different vitamins
There are thirteen vitamins: four fat-soluble vitamins and nine water soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin k. The fat-soluble vitamins are mainly in the fat from foods and can be stored in the tissues of the body. The water-soluble vitamins are vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B11 (folic acid) and B12 and vitamin c. these vitamins are correct in that the moisture in foods. The body can this water soluble vitamins (except vitamin B12) not good saving; excess leaves the body through the urine.

The history of vitamins
The vitamins are discovered in the first half of the twentieth century, from 1906. After discovering that food contains certain substances that are essential for maintaining good health, the name ' vitamins ' sure came up with. The word is a combination of the Latin vita (= living) and amine (= nitrogen-containing connection). It was Later revealed that not all vitamins contain nitrogen, but the word ' Vitamin ' was already in general use.

In the period up to 1970 are methods developed to vitamins. After that, the research is focused on the (preventive) role of vitamins at (chronic) diseases.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The difference.
Vitamins and minerals have more similarities than differences. In the body are both essential for many processes. The main difference between vitamins and minerals is a chemical difference. Vitamins come from the living nature and can be made by some plants or animals themselves, while minerals from the dead should be included by plants and nature come from the Earth and by animals from food or water.

Minerals and trace elements, like vitamins, substances that the body does not itself to. They are needed in the regulation of enzymes and hormones. The difference between minerals and trace elements is the quantity in which the body needs them. Of minerals has one more than of trace elements.

Yet of all the minerals and trace elements have been shown to be essential, i.e. absolutely necessary for the functioning of the body. It is known that the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and phosphorus are essential. Essential trace elements are chromium, copper, iodine, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and molybdenum.

Resistance Vitamins

Five vitamins play a role in the resistance and protect the body against, for example, colds and flu. Vitamin C is the most famous resistance vitamin. A small lack of vitamin D makes you already pretty susceptible to disease. Vitamin A is also called the anti-infection vitamin. And also vitamin B6 and vitamin E play a role in the maintenance of the immune system. In this review is what foods rich in this resistance vitamins.

Vitamin A liver (products), margarine and low fat butter
Vitamin B6 potatoes, bananas and brown bread
Folic acid (green) fruit, vegetables, brown bread
Vitamin B12 meat, fish, milk products, cheese
Vitamin C citrus fruits, potatoes and peppers
Vitamin D low-fat margarine, margarine and fatty fish

Some questions about multivitamins answered

You can get addicted to a multivitamin?
No. Now have some vitamins at long-term use in high doses toxic causing more or less annoying side effects can occur, such as headache and nausea (at vitamin A and D) or failure of certain nerve functions (at Vitamin B6).

Multivitamins can deteriorate during storage?
Today, a ' use by ' date on the packaging of most vitamin supplements. If this is not expired and if you keep vitamin supplements properly (cool, dry and dark) Act quality losses not easy on. do not keep them in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom or in the fridge, because there they will absorb moisture. A cool dark place, such as a kitchen cabinet, is ideal.

Multivitamins are better than supplements where only one vitamin in it?
This depends. For some people is an advice for a supplement with only one vitamin. This is in addition to a healthy and varied diet. The advice applies to women who are pregnant or want to become (folic acid), women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (vitamin D), babies (vitamins D and K), children (vitamin D), the elderly (vitamin D) and smokers (vitamin C, but stop is obviously better). If these people are otherwise healthy and healthy and varied food, has a vitamin supplement with one preferred.

In addition, there are also groups that extra on their eating habits to look for because of a greater chance of a vitamin deficiency. This group will develop almost never short of one particular vitamin, but always multiple vitamins. It is preferable to modify the eating habits, but if this fails, then you can choose for a multivitamin. Groups on their eating habits need to watch out for are pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, (top) athletes, dieters, vegetarians, sick and elderly, teenagers, drug users.

Are multivitamins with many different substances better?
Not necessarily. Some supplements contain substances that are unnecessary or pointless and wrongly vitamins are mentioned. For the normal functioning of the body, these substances are not required in the diet, or they are made by the body itself. Supplements that contain laetriel ("vitamin B17") can even be dangerous because laetriel in the body is converted and the toxic cyanide is released.

In addition, are there in supplements also have a positive effect often substances which may, though that's not (always) scientifically demonstrated. They are, however, no vitamins, because they are not essential (i.e. that the body can create them yourself).

What other materials can be in a multivitamin?
Vitamin supplements are subject to the food supplements and ingredients must comply with the requirements in the commodities Act. Vitamin supplements contain vitamins, minerals and other bio-active substances (such as lutein,) also supplies, such as starch as thickener, stabilizer and milk sugar as sugar and dye as casing.
Multivitamins may contain more than the recommended daily allowance?
Yes. Only the amounts of vitamin A and D are connected to a maximum. This means that a vitamin supplement may not exceed 1200 mcg (150% of the recommended daily quantity) vitamin A and 25 micrograms (500% of the recommended daily quantity) vitamin D. The maximum for children is 15 mcg (300% of the recommended daily quantity). Starting from 1 August 2005 should vitamin supplements for children up to 1 year up to 650 mcg vitamin A. The other vitamins must not prevent a harmful quantity and the package leaflet must be clearly indicate the percentage of the recommended daily allowance. Within the EU legislation in preparation that limits on the minimum and maximum dosage of all the vitamins and minerals in supplements.

Is it necessary to consult your family doctor if you decide to take a multivitamin?
It is not necessary to consult with your family doctor if you have a extremely low-dosed supplement used. It is wise to consult with the GP at symptoms of a possible vitamin deficiencies, in pregnancy, at drug use or in chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

You improve your health by taking a multivitamin every day?
Taking a multivitamin supplement gives you some insurance that you get enough vitamins gets inside to prevent diseases caused by a vitamin deficiency. Extra vitamins only are, however, no guarantee of good health. Hereditary predisposition for example is affect the health and the need for vitamins. The same applies to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, lack of exercise, calorie rich food and a great deal of stress. There are many other substances besides vitamins from the diet important for health. A multivitamin supplement can therefore not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

What is the difference between brand supplements and private label supplements?
As with food supplements is also talk of ' branded ' and so-called House brands. There are several differences.

A difference may be found in the quality of the excipients used in supplements. Uses of vitamins that are well absorbed by the body. The difference in quality is noticeable also in the works. Brand products are usually made under Good Manufacturing Practice "or GMP. That is a quality assurance system. In addition, optimize producers of the branded their product regularly, with the supplements and study on its use. As a result, more regular use of other raw materials and production methods. Finally has a House brand usually a simpler packaging than an A-brand.

All this together brings higher costs, making branded goods typically more expensive than domestic brands.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to grow taller two ways you can try!

It is really possible to grow taller. I say this as a statement and not a questions because in this post I will be telling you exactly how you can!
But first let me tell you why it is important to know the right ways to increase your height otherwise you will be on a wild goose chase. Results are very slow when wanting to naturally increase your height so it is often hard to tell whether you are actually increasing your height or not.

Stretching exercises is one of the ways people may feel like doing to try to get taller. Stretching exercises work quite simply by strengthening the supportive muscles around your back and improving posture. Stretching will also make you more flexible and healthier.
By improving your posture you will be less compressed together and more importantly the vertebrae will be less compressed through the force of gravity because you will be more supported and will be able to no be as effected by the pressure.

Better posture makes you have a taller appearance as well.

Well what if you want a instant solution to get taller? A solution that means you can increase your height over night? Or even quicker  Well you can instantly...with heel lifts. Heel lifts have been specially been made with the aims of providing height and comfort to those who wear these insoles.
Unlike uncomfortable high heels which are really obvious heel lifts are invisible to other people and hidden away in your shoes.

So there you have it two way you may want to try and combine together to get a taller appearance!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Scrapebox review? Is it any good?

It seems as though the functions and the lack of public proxy's have just about died so much that the only real function that i use scrape-box now is to think of names when i manually make

Scrapebox commenting--- need 1 big auto approve list to get you need to harvest for a long time...... will not work with public proxies because scrapebox will simply run out in a matter of minutes now... it doesn't even harvest and get new public proxies whilst your harvesting lists :o i heard theses a automatic plugin which you can "buy" to do this...... but seeing as scrapebox has been a waste of money for me so far im not gonna invest extra just so i can make a program i bought work.

Also scrapebox doesn't save where you are if you pause it... so your half way through a big list (of irrelevant blogs because you couldn't harvest them yourself about your keyword) and you have to turn off your pc..... oh no you are stuck and might stat posting again on the same blogs if you start that list again.

scrapebox cannot even find expired or dead urls to buy because the live checker will give you dead urls which are not actually dead just simply take a long time to load... that if you solved the issue of harvesting that i mentioned above...

Ran out of things that scrapebox can do... i guess the keyword tool is okay.

So if you want to buy scrapebox then dont it is a big waste of money if you haven't got private proxys and haven't got this extra plugin....... also you will just get a lot of irrelevant back links

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gain height with shoe lifts. The easy way to grow taller...

Shoe lifts? Really aren't they just a novelty product and don't actually work? No there not in fact shoe lifts and heel lifts are used for medical conditions like leg length discrepancies and are often prescribed by medical professionals to ease foot pain.

Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles are used worldwide by people who are wishing to add a few inches to there height without having major surgery or having to do loads of stretching exercises forever to just gain half the height you would with shoe lifts.

Available in a number of sizes to fit just about anyone who needs a pair shoe lifts also can be bought in a number of materials like rubber and silicone gel, the insoles made out of these materials offer the right support needed and can actually absorb impacts and shocks too.

FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT SHOE LIFTS CAN BE FOUND HERE -If you need to read more on these great invention's.

First post of many.

Just a intro to my new blog for you guy's. Im telling you what i tend to do with this blog if you dont mind? Not at all? Good. Well this is just what i intend to do. Write about stuff that intrests me, write about stuff that annoys me... posts about products and how to's!

That's all i can think of saying at the moment.

Oh yeah and i may make some photoshop graphics and post them on this blog. Could be anything and you can use them for your own use.